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You walk around with signs I don’t wanna see
Don’t realize how ignorant you can be
Talk about how it’s your god’s place
I need you to get the fuck out of my face
You think you have a purpose here
You think that you’ll instill some fear
But I’d never be scared of this
Cause your god doesn’t exist

I’d give you a piece of mind
But I won’t even waste my time
Cause you won’t ever listen to me
Say this is how I’d rather be

I’d like to think there’s a compromise
But you won’t ever open your eyes
To a view that’s so far off from yours
You’d rather fight religious wars
Shaming people who aren’t like you
Telling everybody what to do
When your lives are based on a book of shit
And you might be okay with it
But god’s a crook
And you are too
And I’ll never fucking be like you


from Demo 2013, track released June 13, 2013



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Bad Idea Boston, Massachusetts

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